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tv   [untitled]    March 10, 2011 9:00am-9:30am EST

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on the good. video on demand she's mine. and since feeds the palm of your. friends becomes the first state to recognize libya's rebels as the country's government r.t. takes a closer look at who they are and whether they have the legal right to govern. the existing system the situation teaches you basically leave these expenses paid for the teams. in the pieces. if. libya inevitably on the agenda as the u.s. vice president meets the russian leadership and opposition in moscow. the recent reset entices not just about politics and the second day of his visit to moscow joe biden post economic cooperation to the table all the details in just
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a few minutes. and one hundred and one russian businessman makes the wolves billionaire list this year with an all time high of fourteen as place for russia's richest man love you give me some more in twenty minutes time. five pm in moscow i match reza good to have you with us here on our t. our top story france says it's recognizing libya's opposition as the quote legitimate representatives of the people and plans to exchange about sitter's the move is fueling fears the country may soon see foreign military intervention nato defense officials any e.u. foreign ministers are meeting in brussels to discuss the next the next moves they could make archy's daniel bushell has more from brussels. well there was a meeting between president sarkozy's office of france and the libyan rebel national council after wish it was decided to announce that france recognizes the
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rebels as the legitimate power in that country they will exchange ambassadors france will send an ambassador to be in causey and vice versa they will be heard diplomats in france as the official representative of their country french foreign minister ellen should pay poached european partners to follow suit and engage with the new libyan leaders the trouble is this opposition doesn't have much control it says there's certain pockets of the country in the east there's also devious question marks over its formation there are former ministers of justice the minister of the interior from the get their feet regime in this party along with several rebels rebels who are dissidents also who spent years in prison and it's not sure why france has done this france that is not traditionally the closest ally of libya of course libya was a former colleague of italy and there are question marks now being raised by the
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international community what are france's motives of course one of them is the fear that military events intervention is being planned and will follow suit russia's envoy to nato told me that he now fears the worst. then you can see right now there's a real danger miss tiles can be used against libyan air bases to try gadhafi his advantage is the legal head of state also the returns to the rebels to make it seem to the outside power has passed from gadhafi to the rebels who have been repeated calls from the international community to leave leave you alone and let the two sides sort out the dispute between themselves this fears that this will disturb a hornet's nest by foreign military intervention even the rebels themselves say they would prefer the foreign sections not to get involved and yet as we heard from russia's representative to nato there are increasing fears that western powers are gearing up for military intervention in the country. anthony while from the
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newspaper the daily della believes nato member states put huge pressure on libyans who are now at a crossroads between islamic fundamentalism or western style government there's quite a bit of speculation as to act actually who is who is pulling the strings of what's happening in libya i think what you're going to see here is a secular style western government that would be introduced post. but that that will fail i believe within a very short period of time and i believe that is where we will see a more fundamentalist islamic type of government that will surface and take power it should be a natural democratic shift within the middle east or in any of these countries if there's going to be change it should be change that is and i hate that word but i'll use it anyway because it's the word of the day again but change in the middle east should be driven naturally by the people themselves they're going to get the help whether they wanted or not and some would say that the help is. basically what's been driving this revolution to begin with not to say or take anything away
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from the from the from the people in libya who are fighting and putting their lives on the line here to to actually make some form of a change but you know you look at what's happening in the world today and the pressure that's that's mounting with respect to foreign intervention being demanded especially from the western mainstream media you would have to think that the western the western media trumpeting such intervention is something that is heard loud and clear within libya by the libyan people as well and the people on the ground who are leading this movement very influencing factors but i don't believe that there's necessarily a unified on the ground presence in libya that is being cohesively led by any one group or any one individual and that means also that there are certainly fundamentalists and others within the libyan population who do not wish to have any foreign intervention at all there are others who would probably like to see it happen. well bring you more on the situation in libya in a few moments and here is what else is ahead for you this are. keeping their russian u.s. relations reset button for us we followed a visit the vice president joe biden from moscow arrive on our team thoughts.
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people really. anxious just because the word for the nationalism the u.s. congressman won support of the muslim vote to win office and he's now being accused of organizing a witch on. personal well international pressure against libya's growing following a controversial decision my friends to recognize the rebels claim to power alongside wish russia raise imposing sanctions against moammar gadhafi regime banning the export of weapons and military coups acquit him and or his policy or has more from the capital tripoli to find out what people think on the ground. people here are confused and angry the reaction from paris is that it will meet witnesses the opposition those that have spoken to also say that they're afraid that it will if the situation logic dictates that fine france officially recognize me opposition it does not recognize gadhafi and people here on asking what the stock's front from the scene doing military reinforcements to the opposition he
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accuses the base of being straight as these cases of hundred thousand dollars bounty on the hague one of the lead is he now saying the country finds he is intensifying in the oil rich strategically in faces town of the we are it's just i'm fifty kilometers away from the capital tripoli now we've tried on two occasions to get it but it's simply impossible to move around the city without government permission and government mind is he ill which. case is struck by government plays well the kind of even if we can face it is the first oil is still latest installment to be hits directly version fifty teammate is can find it dan on the interstate eight with his. russian to libya this includes weapons munitions combat vehicles military equipment mr griffin is used here in libya x. if me has not clearly unavoidable force from the currently little folks down i've
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been ghandi these weapons play their will in the korean conflict. after the liberation chance the rattle of kalashnikovs is the most common sound in the gazi ever since ravel seized weapons depots in eastern libya rifles became the ultimate symbol of masculinity that every young man in this city once one thing in common between more market are free and they force the struggling turned c.p.m. is a fascination with arms believe me and later i developed a liking for kalashnikov rifle so much so that he even had an a k forty seven munition plant built here in libya that rounds these plans produced an hour hailing all across eastern libya on the frontlines and beyond gallon man with rifles have become a fixture on the streets of ghazi they're eager to show them off and often slap
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happy in their handling of the arms can a soldier from the bin gassy garrison who joined the uprising says many of his fellow rebels don't have any experience with arms which he says is made out by their passionate determination to the world who will find some to be lost to the last drop of blunt god is on. this you've been ghazi is still living off of the revolutionary fever from dusk to dawn people congregate on the city's main square calling for gadhafi to go most of the factories are closed the only people still working a shop owners here is good no good. many people know people and public servants like these traffic police officers. despite the loss of control over is to leave here to get out the government continues to pay salaries to those employed by the state of the business yes i received my last paycheck about ten
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days ago but there is nothing to thank the fee for my salary is just two hundred fifty nine hours i can barely support my family agitation and uncertainty of the last few weeks already exerting their toll on public health in gaza a psychiatric hospital is now flooded with patients because preexisting conditions were exacerbated by their unrest now days because of the uprising and lots of people today is suffering from the so-called banneker's shoulders and the sum of a patient old surviving elapses from their previous mental problems now because of the. uprising because of the shooting. painted and ridiculed get that he may be the most valuable asset for the opposition movement as that these people together for the time being it unites those who spent years serving in his government and victims of his persecution yet their chance for
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free libya idea to be augmented by a clear vision of how to achieve it people in bin ghazi are now living on their savings sharing whatever little they have most of them are confident that once gadhafi leaves the bright future will dawn on them but if past revolutions are anything to go by the abundance of arms and hordes of idli roaming men could mean exactly the opposite. side of what the art see in ghazi libya talk of international involvement in libya has been tough to award from the u.s. vice president who's been meeting with russian leadership you know biden is on day two of his visit to moscow. has the details. there's been speculation of course the internet has been rife with sources claiming that joe biden has indeed tried to guarantee russia's support should the u.s. decide to go ahead with its military intervention in libya we do know that several
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foreign nations of course including the united states have not ruled out the possibility of bringing their troops to libya in order to resolve the conflict while others including russia have so far chosen to stand back a libyan settle the matter for themselves well this of course is the second day of joe biden's visit to moscow and you during those two days he had quite a busy agenda of course meeting with the russian leaders both the russian president meeting with the age of and the prime minister. of the focus was mostly on trade talks joe biden who of course was heralded as the current reset in ties between moscow and washington underlined in the necessity of that reset continuing in his meeting with was you know it's insane that the previous administration did not choose to maximize on the strategic potential that exists in the relationship between moscow and washington d.c.
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and of the current administration is of course very much interested in that joe biden also took the time to meet not only with the russian leaders but also with nongovernmental parties and members of the opposition and human rights support groups all of that was on his agenda as well as a trip to the russian analog of silicon valley where joe biden spent a lot of time being shown around and told about the potential prospects and of course of various american businesses willing to participate in this new venture. for more on what vice president biden has been keen to discuss in moscow and. washington based foreign policy magazine good to have you with us so how likely do you think it is that biden will actually try to persuade russia to change its stance on military intervention in libya. i don't really have inside information on what agenda is in that regard it
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certainly was something that they discussed given given the news out there there's a lot of pressure out here in the united states for war obama for president obama to do nothing militarily and libya it's regarded by a lot of people and i think rightly so as a nightmare if you know western boots you know on the ground in libya there are stark memories of what happened what has happened in iraq. on the other hand there's a minority of pressure especially from the republican party to do something more and more martial more military perhaps a no fly zone. so. president biden also pledged his personal support to eliminating the jackson vatican amendment that's been hindering russia's accession to the world trade organization washington leaders have already called it a matter of
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a pos why do you think it's taking so long to sort this all out. i want to ask but before i go on i wanted to make one one added thing on the libya issue go ahead what i was trying to say there is that i don't think that there's that much space there's that much difference between the russian and the american position on libya i think both of both president medvedev and president obama think that it would be best if there was not outside interference. in the unrest in libya and jackson banneker look this is this is the issue that's been around for so long for more than three and a half decades now it's a sore spot it should not be there unfortunately there's a very strong constituency in congress against repealing it and every time there's another effort to repeal it these people who
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are congressman pile on other issues of their demands from russia in order to do that repeal i think that the administration didn't want to do so so did the bush administration incidentally so so did the clinton administration but it is a tough thing to push through congress all right and how right now would you assess the status of the reset between russia and united states. i think it's pretty strong one thing that's interesting i'm attending an oil conference right now i'm actually in houston and one thing that i'm hearing is that when oil men consider the trouble now going on in the middle east it makes them think that working in russia is a lot easier one one earth for example the c.e.o. of total of the french oil company speaks of russia as
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a place that that's one of the easier places on earth to work in so i think that that that the united states does want to move its relationship its commercial relationship with russia a higher level it would like to repeal the jackson panic that russia into the job you t.o. and make the diplomatic relationship that much stronger right stephen via editor from washington based foreign policy magazine by fair perspective thanks for having me. remember you can always stay up to date on the latest news that we're covering on our web site r t v dot com blogs and analysis here is what's lined up for you there right now. in the u.s. city of san francisco locked in a battle over male circumcision as jewish groups rally against the proposal that could see the practice criminal laws. and billionaires row in the center of moscow get yourself some excellent property just meters from the kremlin but only if
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video. she's mine. or a sense feed now in the palm of your. on the comb. the u.s. congress will soon be will soon hold hearings into the radicalization of american muslims are being led by homeland security chairman peter king who says the issue threatens the country but as our he's a marine important i have found out king's views on the muslim community have been less than consistent. on friday. a familiar sound of worship echoes from the islamic center of long island. new it's a place of prayer education and community service for many of long island's seventy thousand muslims it's also a place where u.s. congressman peter king spent years building bridges with american voters.
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supporters who today remain shocked that king labeled their mosque a hotbed for extremism that should be put under surveillance. readings also and we have been to his office many times what about if we needed that would be ahmed is chairman of the long island center that sits just outside the boundaries of king's third congressional district. here's the man he once fundraise for they currently be the strongest force fueling the flames of islamophobia in america and security of my community is my biggest concern and trying to create trouble that is . why doing these things during his early days as congressman king was often seen at the islamic center on long island giving lectures holding book signings even serving as the main guest of honor when the fair officially open officials say since september eleventh two thousand and one the u.s.
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representative has not stepped one foot inside this building the islamic center unanimously condemned the event but can cut ties with the institution after two officials were quoted in nine muslim involvement and linking israel to nine eleven . instead peter cave recently appointed chairman of the powerful house homeland security committee has announced congressional hearings on allegedly hidden radicalism among american muslims and mosques. a drastic turn that has brought fear to king's constituents he generalize. and draw allies in a very bad way and in a way that will not serve as a shield. of. american wealth or even outside of my states it has been very disturbing to us so especially when the coalition of muslim population in the long island community is
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a growing substantially they're looking for support congressman king has said that most muslim leaders in this country aren't cooperating with authorities yet no member of this long island islamic center has ever been accused of terrorism. muslim americans in this community are appalled that their very own u.s. representative is targeting them based on their religious beliefs their extremists in every every community every religion i mean you know why just islam what does he have to gain from it by their personal vendetta or maybe something to gain in the politics there's a lot of fear people are really angry. because to because the burden falls on i sure to really experience experience for free in a country of tolerance a new york community left feeling isolated and marginalized by the man they once
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rallied behind. r.t. new york. turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe a powerful earthquake measuring almost six on the richter scale struck southwestern china and had a border with me on mar at least twenty two people have been killed more than two hundred hurt witnesses report people being buried under debris one part of a supermarket in a hotel a caved in the tremor caused serious damage to other buildings many houses were also toppled and. silvio berlusconi back on the job for the first time since an operation on his jaw and face the italian prime minister was injured in iran in december two thousand and nine when a man with psychiatric problems through a metal statue with him the last two teeth and had his nose broken in the attack the operation that happened three days ago lasted four hours. the dalai lama is giving up his political role to hand over responsibilities to an elected figure from the tibetan government in exile tibet's spiritual leader says he'll begin
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devolving his power next week he says he's committed to tibetan autonomy and beijing accusing him of trying to split china you know that's when it comes on the anniversary of the nine hundred fifty nine riots in tibet that led to the dialogue going into exile. medvedev goes up next with all the latest business news stay with us here on r.t. . and welcome to business see a record number of billionaires of joined a list of the world's richest this year the twelve hundred wealthiest people are now with four point five trillion dollars with russia's tycoons holding a significant part of that well thought sisera has been pouring over the numbers. we're here on page three of pond an exclusive area in moscow and an area where you might be live in one of russia's many high kings is in fact now hangs a seven feet nine of the country's billionaires making the capital gains more billionaires than any other city in the world now many are they surveyed on to this
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is rich list the top ranking russian being still king like the mit listened with it and they said well it's twenty four billion dollars now that's around ten billion dollars from last year in your mouth eighteen places to right number fool team on the list now the very top of the book is rich that's number one with mexican media call a slim i with an estimated seventy four million dollars and as we said many russians making that list in fact there are now one hundred one hundred billionaires in russia that's up from sixty two last year and russia is now home to fifteen of the world's hundred richest people and much of this wealth has been generated by of being in commodities in the country will prices rising and metals and other natural resources really driving russia's economy and contributing largely as we seem to
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say much of the wealth that have meant meant that many russians have made that proves rich the. surface of those are going to forbes annual raising of the world's richest people the very hour is editor in chief of business new europe magazine says the forbes list reflects the transition of the russian economy from on the money's going industry to the service sector. this structure of the list i think reflects you know the transition process in emerging markets in the beginning there was nothing in anything you build was fantastically profitable which money is into the game now and particularly with russia you look at the economies becoming increasingly sophisticated it's everybody at the top of the list is in both the extraction of oil still. interesting if you go outside opinions and look at the new millionaires mostly millionaires increasingly they're coming from from services from media from new economy industries. rather secular big markets now we start with commodities the west texas is trading over two and
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a half dollars per barrel brant crude is around one hundred forty dollars that's the story of main course was served libya's unrest much of the countries of production is already off line adding fuel to the flames of news that gadhafi has borne the oil facilities in the country inflicting what could be long term damage to libya's exports half of the. european stock markets are down sharply after moody's cut its rating on the spanish sovereign debt bad news from the united states adding to the turmoil u.s. jobless claims added twenty think thousand last week and international trade deficit grew fifteen percent to an all time high of forty six billion dollars this is why u.s. futures are actually down about to start trading the few minutes russian stocks are sliding by them most more than a week after china reported none expected seven point three billion dollars trade deficit u.s. is losing around two percent a nice extra one point seven percent this is our secular good some of the stocks
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energy and banking stocks lower gazprom is losing more than two percent last may have two point seven percent less parts guy russia's fifth largest producer of coal is the biggest loser so far it's down five point six percent this hour that's after reports that the company's own ends are seeking a buyer. well we'll be back next hour with an update matt is next with our lines to say about their.
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the. russians would be so much brighter if you knew about song from feinstein question and some. of these for instance on t.v. don't come. down to your fishel ante up location joy for i pod touch for me i choose up still.


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